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Compact Well Shuttle Replaces PCL, and is an Alternative to FE-LWD

Compact Well Shuttle replaces quad-combo wireline pipe conveyed logging (PCL), and provides a cost-efficient alternative to FE-LWD in wells that can be drilled without real time formation evaluation. It can deliver formation evaluation data when other logging solutions have failed.

The Shuttle is a hybrid deployment system that uses memory open hole logging tools conveyed inside drill pipe after drilling. The tools are "garaged" at surface and released into open hole only after the pipe nears bottom, after which they remain anchored to the pipe while acquiring data on the way out.

The Shuttle terminates in a mule shoe for typical operations, but it can be configured with a reamer bit and hole-opening rasp for bad hole conditions. Circulation can be maintained at high rates to assist hole cleaning.


•      intrinsically low deployment risk - logging
       tools are fully protected running in hole

•      more reliable than FE-LWD, so on average fewer
       trips in the hole

•      data acquired concurrently with hole        conditioning - does not need extra trip

•      lower lost-in-hole charges relative to FE-LWD

•      pipe can be rotated and reciprocated to bottom

•      rig time is much reduced in highly deviated and
       horizontal wells relative to PCL - pipe is run-in
       at tripping speed, and there is no wet-connect

•      safer than PCL- no wireline to compromise
       well control

•      the well can be conditioned before logging by
       circulating bottoms up at TD, and circulation
       can be maintained at all times, even during

•      no wireline logging unit

Compact Well Shuttle enables safe deployment of wireline style open hole logging tools in all well styles, particularly those with extended reach or poor borehole conditions, while achieving big savings in rig time.

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