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The 2.4 inch diameter Compact Repeat Formation Pressure Tester provides multiple formation pressures in a wide range of well types.


•      All well types including low angle, high angle and        horizontal wells.

•      Wells with access restrictions due to small diameter or        high dogleg severity.

•      Re-entries and sidetracks.

•      Through-tubing drilled wells and coiled tubing drilled        wells.

Features and Benefits

•      Unique mechanism centres the tool for optimum pad        application and reduced risk of differential sticking.

•      Mechanism allows tool to operate in a wide range of        hole sizes, from under 4 inches to 11 inches diameter.

•      Programmable testing sequence and variable sidewall        force to 3,300 pounds.

•      High accuracy quartz gauge plus strain gauge        transducers.

•      Combinable with other Compact tools, including Triple        and Quad Combo strings.

•      Small diameter and short length provide        unrivalled well access capability.

•      Low weight makes it easier and safer to operate.

•      Operates from a Compact surface unit, or with a PC        and third party wireline - including monocore wireline.

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The Compact Repeat Formation Pressure Tester (MFT) is a new concept in pressure testing - high quality measurements delivered simply and quickly as a mainstream service.

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