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(version 6)
Download DataView (version 6)
(includes ReeView)

ReeView is a TIFF file viewer and plotter for monochrome well log data that operates on Windows 98, 2000, NT4 and XP platforms.

DataView generates TIFF and LAS files from Reeves native format data package (DPK) files. Used with ReeView, it allows well logs to be viewed, edited, plotted and distributed whilst preserving the fidelity of the original data. ReeView is included in the DataView download.

The small size and high information content of DPK files makes them the preferred option for data transfer, and the sole choice for web-posted data.


View, plot and distribute Reeves well log data with no loss of fidelity.

By downloading this software you agree to the terms and conditions of the software licence agreement


•     Create, view and edit TIFF images of Reeves well

•     Create LAS files to export digital log data into
       third party analysis packages.

•     Generate side-by-side plots.

•      Add labels and perf marks, define presentation
       intervals, and plot on fast logging plotters or
       Windows printers - including wide-format printers.

Compatibility and Installation

DataView version 6 handles current and previous versions of Reeves DPK files. Earlier versions of DataView may not, however, be compatible with current DPK files.

Previous versions of ReeView/DataView should be removed using the Windows "Add or Remove Programs" utility before installation of version 6.


DataView image

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