Competitor's old Triple-Combo
(90 ft x 4.625 ins)

latest Triple-Combo
(38 ft x 4.625 ins)

(29 ft x 2.25 ins)

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Tester (MFT)


The Compact philosophy is to provide the highest quality of data using tools engineered to be smaller in diameter, lighter, shorter, less power hungry, and more reliable than other equipment in the market.


Compact is a highly versatile open hole logging system capable of operating with or without a wireline. In wireless mode, Compact tools are conveyed rapidly in high angle and horizontal wells, and in wells with severe hole conditions.

The bottom line is a more efficient service to the customer, who can reduce rig time through more efficient operations, and who can get data in conditions that exclude other equipment while improving safety in all aspects of operation. Compact tools operate with or without a wireline, allowing data to be recovered from highly deviated wells and wells that are unstable, with greater efficiency than existing techniques resulting in significant cost savings to our customers.

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