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Compact Memory Logging (CML) is one of the most significant developments in the open hole logging market for some time. CML tools are conveyed on or in drill pipe, by slickline, or on wireless coiled tubing. Tool strings are powered by battery pack, and data is stored in non-volatile down-hole memory.

CML Adds Value

CML replaces wireline Pipe Conveyed Logging (PCL) in highly deviated wells, and gives wireline quality data in wells where Logging While Drilling (LWD) was previously the primary logging solution.

CML Reduces Cost

The Compact philosophy is about speed and efficiency. CML goes one step further by providing new conveyance possibilities that save hours or even days of rig time. That's why CML is the most cost-effective logging solution available today.

CML Reduces Risk

Compact's proven abilities and CML's new conveyance methods reduce the risks of tool failure and damage to the tool string. Compact Well Shuttle exposes the tools to wellbore conditions for the minimum amount of time, so is inherently lower risk than wireline PCL and LWD.


Compact Memory Logging (CML) is open hole wireline logging without the wireline.

CML delivers wireline quality data quickly. In high angle or horizontal wells, and wells with bad hole conditions, it does this with greater safety and reliability than conventional systems.
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